Thursday, 10 November 2016

Cold storage business

The cold storage industry faces changes regularly. Ted Kohlenberger, California team leader for National Resource Management, said the industry would be facing some fundamental changes that will affect our cold room suppliers. His firm specializes in energy management. The topic of regulating the refrigerant system has been on discussion for over18 months. Concerns to the EPA initiatives aim at phasing out hydrofluorocarbons and other refrigerants with global warming potential.

The industry is getting more data and analytic on refrigeration controls. Consumers are fed information on the effects of cold storage with more emphasis. This has been driven by initiatives of upcoming and impending food safety modernization passed in 2011. Most of these initiatives get more attention over the years claiming to be working towards energy management. Some FSMA initiatives require more and better data. It also requires more and better consolidation analysis of the data.

Our cold room suppliers play a central role in data acquisition and investments in the cold storage industry. There are advanced technologies that simplify the whole process and Eco-friendly. Temperature monitoring is one of the break-through realized to protect the overall cold chain for both tractor-trailer and facility-based operations. Automated air purification technology eradicate produce-spoiling ethylene gases, as well as mold and bacteria.

High-pressure pasteurization and electronic cold pasteurization food treatment systems ensure food safety and extend shelf life. This technologies have no effects on humans or the environment but there is a move towards developing natural refrigerants. Ammonia, carbon dioxide, propane, butane and methane are some of the chemicals involved in the refrigeration process. Tony Lucarelli, the vice president of Hillsboro ore-based cold storage, said changes would not be cumbersome.

He said in the cold storage suppliers systems, it is pretty much ammonia based refrigeration systems with some integration of CO2 in some applications. The new refrigerants may not be cost effective but the technology should cut on some extra costs.

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