Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Considerable milestone achieved for UK construction industry

Barratt London celebrates as the 90,000th Site Registration with Considerate Constructors Scheme

90000 Site RegistrationLondon, United Kingdom, 23 March 2016: The Considerate Constructors Scheme – the national Scheme to improve the image of the construction industry – has reached a formidable milestone; registering 90,000 construction sites.

This historic registration was made by one of the country’s leading house builders Barratt London, for the high profile Nine Elms Point development in London.

Barratt London is also working with Sainsbury’s Supermarkets Ltd, who are the Considerate Constructors Scheme’s founder member Client Partner, and housing association L&Q to deliver 645 new homes, a new 80,000 sq ft Sainsbury’s store and 27,000 sq ft of local shops, restaurants and office space at Nine Elms Point.

Following its first registration in 1997, the Scheme has become an integral part of the construction landscape and a strongly recognisable sight with its banners and posters adorning hoardings throughout the country.

One of the very few organisations to be monitoring the industry’s progress and sharing best practice on-the-ground, the Scheme undertakes around 13,000 visits to sites, companies and suppliers per year.

Considerate Constructors Scheme Chief Executive Edward Hardy commented: “The Scheme is immensely proud to reach this momentous milestone of 90,000 registered sites; it is a phenomenal achievement.

“We are delighted to present Barratt London with the 90,000th Site Registration to mark this occasion. The collaboration on the Nine Elms Point site between Barratt London, Sainsbury’s and L&Q epitomises the value of working together to achieve even higher levels of performance as considerate constructors.

“Since the Scheme was first established 19 years ago, registered sites, clients, companies and suppliers have strived for ever better performance across all aspects of our Code of Considerate Practice. However, there are still huge amounts to be done, and we look forward to helping the industry raise these standards even further.”

Simon Garrett, Operations Director for Barratt London said: “Barratt London has supported and registered with the Considerate Constructors Scheme for many years. The Scheme started in 1997 as a non-profit making organisation, with a sole purpose of improving the image of the construction industry.

“Barratt London has undertaken substantial community engagement at Nine Elms Point since October 2013. We have built strong relationships with local residents and regularly update the local community on construction work progress. We hold an annual summer BBQ on-site that is a hit with many local residents and attend regular meetings to inform other developers involved in the wider scheme of our community engagement work. As part of our commitment, we expect to make improvements to the Wandsworth Road – including widening the highway, installation of new road drainage and realignment of the traffic lights.”

David Parnell, Sainsbury’s Construction and Delivery Manager for the South said: “As a Considerate Constructors Scheme’s Client Partner, we register all sites under our control to the Scheme.  We are extremely proud to see Nine Elms as the 90,000th Site Registration overall – we believe in striving for the very best in not only what we do but how we do it at our sites. Our store, which we expect to complete in the summer of this year, will not only bring extra choice for local shoppers but will also bring jobs for local people, as well as community support in the form of choosing a local charity to support and providing sporting equipment through our Active Kids scheme.”

Andy Rowland, Land & Projects Director at L&Q added: “It’s great to see Nine Elms deliver the Considerate Constructor Scheme’s 90,00th Site Registration. The Scheme plays an important role within the industry in helping to drive up standards and improve the image of construction. It’s apt that one of the most transformational development sites in London, which will provide hundreds of homes across all tenures, is also doing its part to transform the image of construction.”

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Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Funeral wake crowd's moving 'Mr Brightside' tribute to friend

Friends of Ger Foley, who died aged 45, sing 'Mr Brightside' as a tribute to him at his wake in Ireland - the Killers later tweeted their approval of the cover

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A online photographic resource detailing the buildings and places connected with William Shakespeare


FBImage_V4 (Medium)

A online photographic resource detailing the buildings and places connected with William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare’s legacy continues in classrooms all over the world. Despite the fact some of his works are over 400 years old, they still offer a foundation for learning and inspiration for literature. While his plays, texts and sonnets have been poured over by academics and amateurs alike, information about his life is poorly known as records are few and far between.
The little we do know about his life we can be fairly certain of thanks to public records. It is these records which have been able to reveal the locations and areas where Shakespeare frequented and lived.

Shakespeares Buildings

Screenshot Shakespeares Birthplace (Medium)

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Monday, 28 March 2016

Beethoven beats Mozart to be crowned most popular composer for first time

German composer Beethoven has 19 pieces in the 2016 Classic FM Hall Of Fame poll, a survey of 170,000 classical music lovers

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Brighten up: open up your home to the light!

Brightening your home is crucial in creating a peaceful living space for you and the family. There are plenty of ways and tricks to lighten up the mood in a home, with a few well chosen accessories and a good lick of luminous paint on the walls. But when this isn’t cutting it – and this is especially true for older buildings that tend to have smaller windows, it might be time for a bigger structural makeover.

  1. Conservatories

Getting a conservatory to lighten up a room such as a dark kitchen is an excellent investment as you’re getting more space and much more light for a reasonable budget. Depending on your home style, you can decide to go for traditional CR Smith conservatories, or go full on modern with more daring bespoke designs that will display your architectural avant-garde taste. Both options are likely to add a ton of value to your home as conservatories are one of the most profitable home upgrades on the market: if it is well done, a sunroom or conservatory can add up to 7% value.

  1. Rooflights

Bring the light levels of your home to the roof with rooflights. Sometimes adding extra glazing to the roof is the easiest solution. You can add it to gloomy corridors and rooms in the middle of the house that could always benefit from a little extra light. If you’re after a design option, roof lanterns can take many different shapes and are usually fitted onto flat roofs.

  1. Open plan living space

Breaking down some walls may be the best option to bring in the light. Such open plan living layout makes the light flows throughout the home and it’s a trend that’s here to stay. Taking down a wall can be done relatively on the cheap: between 400 and 3000 GBP to get it done professionally. Opt for a half wall if you’re planning to install a breakfast bar or extra storage.

  1. Courtyards

The center parts of the house have a tendency to be the darkest. Mini courtyards are a great and modern design solution to brighten up the space from within and create a cosy and intimate outdoor setting where you can relax, even in the busiest neighbourhood.

  1. Make the windows bigger

If the budget is tight, another optimal solution could simply be to take pre-existing windows and turn them into glass door windows that will maximise the light and the view. If the current structure allows it, you could also invest in extra windows. You shouldn’t need to apply for planning permission in the UK if you decide to install extra doors or windows on your home, under the condition that they remain of a similar appearance to those used in the construction of the original building.

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Saturday, 26 March 2016

Massive crowds watch Rolling Stones' historic gig in Havana, in pictures

In pics: Mick Jagger and the Stones rock Havana

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Friday, 25 March 2016

Rolling Stones arrive in Cuba for historic free concert in Havana, in pictures

In pics: The Rolling Stones arrive in Cuba for historic free concert in Havana

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Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl backs teen band banned from practising in their garage due to noise

Dave Grohl writes to Cornwall Council in bid to overturn youngsters band practice ban

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Five shortlisted for £1bn London super-estate revamp

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Construction industry can now show how it is Building Social Value

CCS Ltd logo RGBNew resource from the Considerate Constructors Scheme to capture the social value created through construction

London, United Kingdom, 16 March 2016: Building Social Value – a simple way to report on the social value created through construction – has been launched by the Considerate Constructors Scheme for all Scheme registered sites, companies and suppliers.

Building Social Value has been developed by the Scheme in conjunction with a number of leading construction companies and industry clients across the UK:  Basildon Borough Council; Kier Group plc; Land Securities Group plc; and Morgan Sindall.

By using the Scheme to carry out the report, contractors and clients recognise that gaining a professional, third-party report will help them to evaluate the impact of their construction sites in creating social value.

Scheme Monitors will visit construction sites and record the social value created, using the Social Value Monitoring Checklist. The Monitor will then produce a Building Social Value report, based on the results gathered from the Checklist.

All sites, companies and suppliers undertaking Building Social Value will then have the opportunity to publicly demonstrate their commitment to creating social value by displaying Building Social Value posters.

Since the Social Value Act came into force in 2013 there has been a requirement to focus on how the construction industry creates social value. While the act applies to the public sector, many private clients are also taking into account social benefits when awarding construction contracts.

Building social valueConsiderate Constructors Scheme Chief Executive Edward Hardy said: “Construction activity produces huge amounts of social value for local communities, the local economy and the environment. It is, however, difficult to define, capture and report on this value creation. Building Social Value will provide construction, clients and the public with a much-needed understanding of the extent to which a particular construction project has created opportunities for long-term social value.”

Clive Johnson, Group Head of Health and Safety at Land Securities commented: “We greatly value this service, as do our extensive supply chain. It gives us a cost effective and independent means of measuring social value from our many developments across the UK. I would recommend all clients to take advantage of this facility if they wish to play a leading role in delivering the best possible social value to the communities they conduct their businesses within.”

Basildon Borough Council Asset Strategy Manager, Daniel Greenwood added: “Social value plays a central role in all our procurement activity and having a consistent and robust way to measure outcomes has been a constant challenge. Building Social Value really adds confidence that projects are delivering on our promises to the community.”

Click on the link to find out more about Building Social Value:

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Coldplay's Chris Martin describes his 'wonderful' divorce from Gwyneth Paltrow

Musician says that after a year of depression he feels like he has 'been given the tools to turn it around'

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