Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Scottish Company ID Systems Plans to 120 Jobs

ID Systems Ltd, a Scottish firm providing engineering services, announced its plans to provide 120 employment opportunities. This announcement came after the company got a six-figure investment boost from UKSE (UK Steel Enterprise).

UK Steel Enterprise is a subsidiary of Tata Steel and was set up to help companies that operate in the traditional steel sectors.

ID Systems Ltd has offices in Glasgow and Grangemouth. It operates in the commercial utilities and industrial sectors. The firm’s client list includes National Grid, Forestry Commission and Scottish Water.

The company plans to provide new job opportunities in Lanarkshire and Glasgow as part of its expansion plan. The company currently employs 80 individuals.

The expansion plan came after the firm was able to secure several long-term projects, including off-site water booster sets and waste water pumping stations manufacturing projects.

The expansion strategy will be funded by the equity and loan backing from UK Steel Enterprise. A new team will be selected which, together with the UKSE, will manage and have a stake in the company’s shareholding.

Stuart Devine, ID Systems’ finance director, pointed out that with the new funding from UKSE and the long-term projects already under their belt, they will be able to expand smoothly and create 120 new jobs.

Scott Webb, UKSE regional executive, said ID Systems will have the right expansion structure and necessary monetary funding from his company.

For over the last 20 years, ID Systems products have been supplied to different companies across the globe. ID Systems has been recognized for setting benchmarks in both technology and design in order to provide reliability and quality. Our product testing far surpasses standards set by British Regulations in safety, insulation, security and weather rating. Due to this, we are always ahead of our competitors.

We offer our clients nothing but the best fitting services. Our fully trained and skilled installations engineers pride themselves on the quality and reliability of the services they provide.

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